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Ricordo Review

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Conor Fynes from Prog Archives

It seems that every band at some point in their career, comes out with an album that while not necessarily distinguishing itself in terms of quality, is decidedly different from the others in some aspect. With the third chapter in the musical saga of Nicola Randone, a much more laid back and song-based approach to… Continua a leggere

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Luca Alberici , Tales of wonder

[...] Quello che veramente impressiona è la capacità di coinvolgimento dell' ascoltatore che non è solo attento spettatore di una distaccata descrizione ma si sente assoluto protagonista... "Ricordo" concentrates all his beauty inside the wonderful opening song "Jill". It's about a twenty minutes beautiful song, written for a Colossus music project called "Spaghetti Epic" based on the most famous italian western film "Once Upon a Time In The West". Wow, what a sensational track !!! Continua a leggere

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