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Erik Neuteboom – from Background Magazine

[...] I'm delighted about the variety in the compositions, the use of a lot of different Italian singers (especially the opera-like vocalist sounds great, a matter of taste), the wonderful vintage keyboard sound (Mellotron, Moog), the splendid and alternating guitar play (acoustic, Spanish, metal, wah-wah, some sensitive soli and howling soli) and beautiful work on the violin. It will not everybody's cup of tea but (it's not really mainstream) but this prog taste like adventure and progress! WONDERFUL! Continua a leggere

Posted on su Hybla act 1 Review/Randone

Peter Patti, Writer

...] I always hear nothing but great tunes playing a Randone CD, but HYBLA - Atto 1 ("A barock opera") is surely the best thing ever made by this group. Nicola Randone's "romanticism" (Nicola has a surprisingly fine sense of melody; he could have been born in the Mozart-era... actually he's born in that of Orme's, PFM's, and classic-time Banco's) mixes here up with ancient Sicilian atmospheres, and we see how prog rock gives the hand to celtic-mediterranean music: an unusual (if you don't already know PFM!) but pleasing combination ... Continua a leggere

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